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Roles & Permissions: Overview

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

Invite people to join your website collaboration and assign roles based on their areas of expertise. Roles come with assigned permissions, allowing you to control the ability of individuals to make changes to your site and dashboard. You can adjust their role or create a new one with customized access as their requirements change.

Settings >> Roles & permissions Wix Ideas
Settings >> Roles & permissions

Select role & permission at Wix Ideas
Select role & permission

Roles and permissions

When you invite people to collaborate on your site, you assign roles to suit their access needs. Your Manage Roles page shows the roles available for your site. Beneath each role title is a permission summary, to confirm the access the role grants.

​General Role


​Admin (Co-Owner)

​Full access to manage, edit & publish site, including billing, domains and inviting people, but cannot delete or transfer site

​Website Manager

​Access to manage, edit & publish site, but cannot manage billing, delete, duplicate or transfer site

​Website Designer

Can edit the site, manage settings and apps but cannot access Inbox, contacts and other sensitive info

Back Office Manager

Can access the Dashboard to manage site settings and apps but cannot edit the site

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