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Content Manager: Adding and Setting Up a Dataset

Updated: May 10, 2023

A dataset is simply a link between your site elements and your database collection.

Consider a dataset as a two-way link. It can be used to extract content from your collection for online display. It can also be used to collect user-submitted content from site visitors and add it to your collection.

Read more about datasets to gain a greater grasp of how collections relate to page elements.

Step 1: Add a dataset

Before choosing the type of dataset to add to your page, choose what you plan to use it for. You require a Form Dataset to collect content from website users. Use a standard Dataset to display content.

To add a dataset:

  1. Go to the Content Manager in your Editor:

    • Wix Editor: Click Content Manager on the left side of the Editor.

    • Editor X: Click Content Manager at the top of Editor X.

  2. Click the Add Content Elements tab.

  3. Click the Add icon next to the dataset type you want to add:

    • Dataset: This is a general dataset without any predefined settings.

    • Form Dataset: This dataset is pre-configured to work with user input elements.

Important Although they do not show up on your published site, they appear as items in the Editor. These can be positioned anywhere on your page.



Step 2: Set up the dataset

Make sure your dataset is configured properly before connecting it to page components. The dataset will function correctly when using the right mode to either display content on a page or collect content from website users.

Learn more about tying your page's elements to a collection.

To set up the dataset:

  1. Click the dataset in your Editor.

  2. Click Settings.

  3. Click the Connect a collection drop-down and select a collection to connect to.


  1. (Optional) Click the Dataset name field to rename the dataset. This is the name that appears in all Connect to Data panels.

  2. Click the Mode drop-down and select an option:

    • Read-only: Elements on your site can read and display content from your collection. However, elements connected to Read-only datasets cannot add to, edit, or delete content.

    • Write-only: Visitors can interact with user input elements and a submit button on your live site to add content to your collections. The Write-only mode cannot display content from a collection or allow visitors to edit content.

    • Read & Write: Visitors can interact with user input elements and a submit button on your live site to add or edit content in a collection. Page elements can also display content from the collection.

  1. (Optional) Change the Number of items to display. This field is relevant for repeaters and galleries. It controls how many items are displayed initially and when a "Load More" button is clicked. Tables are not limited by the Number of items to display value.

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