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How to Send Triggered Emails

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Jul 24, 2022

3 min read

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Triggered Emails is an advanced, powerful tool for Velo by Wix users. With Triggered Emails you can send your visitors personalized emails in specific scenarios.

First, set up the Triggered Email and add Variables to include personalized information. Then you'll receive a code snippet to be added in the Velo Code Panel.

Note: The statistics for Triggered Emails are based on every time an email is sent, including test emails that you send to yourself. This is different from the statistics for Email Marketing that are based on emails sent to unique contacts. Therefore, the statistics for Triggered Emails may seem inflated compared to Email Marketing statistics.

Step 1: Access the Triggered Email dashboard

  1. In your Velo Sidebar, select the Developer Tools tab.

  2. Under the Automation section, select Triggered Emails.

Step 2: Create an email
  • (If this is your first time creating a Triggered Email, click Get Started .)

  • Click + Create New. This takes you to the Triggered Email Editor.

    • Or, click the Show More icon and click Duplicate if you want to duplicate an existing Triggered Email and then make edits.

  • On the Triggered Email Editor, design your email:

    1. Edit the provided content by clicking an element, customizing, or deleting it.

    2. Click the Add icon on the left side to include additional elements.

    3. Click the Background icon on the left side to customize the background.

Step 3: Use Variables to insert specific information

Variables make a Triggered Email truly unique to its reader. The variable is a placeholder that will ultimately be replaced by a real value that you define in the code. The name in the placeholder should be meaningful to you so that you can identify it later.

  1. Click a text element and then click + Add Variable .

    • Variable name: You can name a variable anything you want, but it should be meaningful to you so you can identify it later.

    • Under Fallback value, write a replacement text that appears in case you're missing that specific piece of data. (For example, if you don't have your user's name, you can add "Customer" or "Buddy", depending on what fits your situation best.)

      1. Please note that fallback values may be applied in the body of an email, but not in the subject line.

  • Click Add.

Step 4: Get your Triggered Email's code snippet

If at this stage, if you click Save as Draft, you are redirected back to the Triggered Email dashboard. To proceed to the code snippet, click Save & Publish. To generate the code snippet:

  • Click Save & Publish on the top left.

  • If you have not already done so,

    1. Click Add Details to choose how your name appears, and the reply-to address.

    2. Click Save.

    3. You may be asked to confirm your email address. If so, enter the confirmation code from the email in your inbox and click Confirm.

  • (Suggested: Change the email ID by clicking the ID listed and replacing it.)

  • Choose who you want to receive your email:

    • Email New Contacts when someone signs up.

    • Email Site Members for existing members.

  • Click Copy in the text window where the code snippet appears.

  • Click Got It to close the window.

Step 5: Add the code snippet to an event on your site

Click here to learn how add the snippet in your Velo Panel.


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Sep 29, 2023

Love the tutorial!!!

You are truly great at creating these instructional videos!! Thank you! I am having trouble figuring out . . 'the triggered email' . . it is not being sent to the user submitting the form, the form and the email to the admin works great. . Could you point me to where this might have already been addressed? or any other help? On a second note. .the submit button success/failure message will go back to the default message once it's connected to the data set(I couldn't figure that out either. )


Walter Odibi

Walter Odibi




Apr 16, 2023

Triggered Email Backend

Hi mate please can you send email by backend


Walter Odibi

Walter Odibi


Hi Waqas, there isn't a backend code for this tutorial. The emails will be sent from the client-side.


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