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Content Manager: An Overview

Updated: May 10, 2023

The Content Manager is a central location for storing and managing all of your website's content. At its most intricate, the Content Manager is:

  • The key to building dynamic pages allows you to use the same layout to display a variety of materials.

  • A secure method for collaborating with people on information in an environment you control.

The instrument allows you to collect content and data from site visitors.

The Content Manager enables you to manage material in a centralized location and show it on several pages. You can display a range of materials in elements such as repeaters that have the same design. This method is perfect for lists, portfolios, recipes, and services, among other things.

Using the Content Manager, you can construct and manage your website without effort. Concurrently, you adhere to your SEO guidelines. Hence, you maintain visibility in search engines like Google regardless of how much information you have.

Wix Content Manager, Tutorials Content Manager for Wix Ideas

Manage all of your content in one place

With the Content Manager, all your content is stored in a distinct environment from your Editor. This enables you to update the site's content as frequently as desired without having to adjust the site's look.

You keep your material in collections. This content may be created by you, collected from site visitors, or both. The material is kept in a grid format comprised of rows (items) and columns (fields) (columns).

When creating a new collection, you must always set its permissions. These permissions specify who can access the resource and what can be done with it.

Collaborate by allowing others to work on your content

Provide collaborators with access to your content using the Content Manager's rights settings. This means you do not have to worry about them utilizing the Wix Editor and potentially modifying the style of your website.

You can choose from a list of permission kinds when configuring the permissions for your collection. Use these permission categories to manage access privileges for diverse contexts. Learn more about modifying collection access rights.

The following scenarios are handled by various permission types:

Displaying your content: For this case, you can select the Public permission type. With this setting, anyone can browse your collection's content. Employ this option for collections in which you intend to display your own content.

Capturing content from site visitors: Choose the Permission Type for Form Submissions for this scenario. This option allows anyone to submit material to your collection. Use this option for collections that will store input from the user.

Wix Content Manager List for Wix Ideas

Use one layout to display lots of content

With the Content Manager, you may build an unlimited number of web pages from a single layout. These websites are known as dynamic websites. They utilize dynamic site features that are associated with your collection. Ideal for displaying projects, portfolios, and listings.

Check out this lesson on using dynamic pages in the Content Management Learning Center to learn more.

Once the Content Manager has been integrated into your website, you can add additional dynamic pages and content from a variety of starting places.

Presets are an example of such a beginning point. A preset is a collection of ready-to-use dynamic pages that expand as your site's content expands. You can display as much content as you like on your website utilizing them.

Increase engagement - let site visitors submit content

Visitors can really engage with your site when you offer a form so that they can submit information and content. Use a variety of input elements to create the form. Then use the Content Manager to capture, store, display, and edit visitor content in a collection.

Tip: Consider leveraging user-generated material such as consumer reviews. In addition to storing such stuff in a collection, you can also connect it to page components and show it.

Display content by linking to elements on your page

Once the Content Manager has been added to your site, various Editor elements can be linked to your new collections. These elements can display text, photos, and other items from your collection.

Not every Editor element is compatible with the Content Manager, but each collection field type has at least one Editor element that is compatible.

Wix Ideas Dynamic Page

Control how your content displays using datasets

With a dataset, you may determine what content from your collection is presented. You can also alter the appearance order, sorting, and filtering of the data.

Consider the dataset to be the connection between your collection and page elements.

Datasets can relate individual pieces, such as a text field or an image, to a collection. They can also link tables and repeaters, which display data from many collecting fields. Datasets also allow you to collect form-submitted information from site users. This content can be stored in a collection and shown on a page.

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