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Fortune Hydro

Project type

Custom Investment Payment Form using Wix Pay API


Jan 2023




Wix Pay API, PDF Generator API, Wix Triggered Email API


Website Redesign + Landing Page + Investment Page using Velo by Wix

Project Overview:

I had the privilege of working on a transformative project for Fortune Hydro, a prominent company operating in the hydroelectric power sector. This endeavor involved creating a landing page and an intricate investment multi-step form, all leveraging the cutting-edge capabilities of Wix's Sales Page Structure Builder and Velo platform. The primary objectives of this project were to enhance user engagement, streamline the investment process, and modernize the company's online presence.

Key Contributions and Achievements:

1. Landing Page Development:
- Designed and developed a visually appealing landing page that served as Fortune Hydro's digital front door. The page was meticulously crafted to showcase the company's core values, mission, and investment opportunities.

2. Investment Multi-Step Form:
- Implemented a complex multi-step investment form tailored to Fortune Hydro's specific requirements. The form aimed to simplify the investment process for potential stakeholders, making it more accessible and user-friendly.

3. Custom Donation Form:
- As part of the project, I introduced a custom donation form, allowing interested parties to make contributions easily. This feature not only supported Fortune Hydro's financial goals but also showcased the company's commitment to sustainable energy initiatives.

4. Wix Pay API Integration:
- Leveraged the Wix Pay API to seamlessly collect payments through the investment form. This integration ensured a secure and efficient payment process for investors, instilling confidence in Fortune Hydro's online investment platform.

5. PDF Contract Generation:
- Implemented the PDFGenerator API to generate personalized PDF contracts for investors. This feature added an extra layer of professionalism and transparency to the investment process.

6. Wix Triggered Email API:
- Integrated the Wix Triggered Email API to automate the delivery of generated PDF contracts. This not only saved time but also provided a streamlined communication process between Fortune Hydro and its investors.

Outcome and Impact:

By revamping Fortune Hydro's online presence and enhancing their investment process, this project had a profound impact on the company's digital footprint and investor relations. The landing page, investment form, and donation form collectively provided an engaging and user-friendly experience for visitors. The integration of payment and contract generation APIs streamlined the investment process, leading to increased investor confidence and ultimately benefiting Fortune Hydro's bottom line.

The project exemplified the power of modern web development tools and APIs in revolutionizing how companies interact with their stakeholders and potential investors. It showcased Fortune Hydro's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity, setting the stage for future growth and success in the competitive hydroelectric power sector.

In summary, this project stands as a testament to the importance of strategic web development and API integration in enhancing a company's digital presence and customer interactions, ultimately driving business success and growth.

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