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Multiple Selection Tags Filter

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Nov 20, 2021

1 min read

WIX Ideas

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Filtering WIX repeater has never run out of techniques of getting it work excellently. The most sort after feature in WIX is the ability to be able to filter WIX repeater as it is a layout that enables you to display items in repeating sequence.

In this tutorial, I have provided you the code that allows you to add multiple selection tags filter into your website.

How to set-up selection tags

Selection tags API

In this tutorial, I added three selection tags to filter Cuisine, Location and, Cost fields in my database collection. The idea is to combine the values of these fields and refine my search to match the exact item I'm looking for.

Multiple Selection Tags Filter in WIX
Database fields

Then, I added my code, which enabled me to easily use the WIX Dataset setFilter() function to filter my repeater. This allows me to use the .and() condition to join different filter functions for my other selection tags.

Finally, I tested my filter which can be seen in the following images



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Filter Wix Repeater with Dataset

Filter Wix Repeater with Dataset

Filter Wix repeater using dataset. No code needed!

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