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Display Related Items in WIX Dynamic Page

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Nov 28, 2021

2 min read

WIX Ideas

Tags: Dynamic Page Velo by Wix Repeater Filter Dataset Dataset Filter

Hi 👋, welcome to another awesome tutorial on how to display related category (items) on WIX dynamic page. This method allows you to show items dynamically on a dynamic item's page related to the main content. It is applicable if you own a blog, real estate, shop, or other category where you need to show items that are related to the currently displayed item.

The following the steps will guide you on how to achieve this easily;

Step 1:

In your dynamic page, add a new dataset (Related Content dataset) and then configure by connecting it to the same database as the dataset initially in your dynamic page. Check the image below on how to add a dataset

Add dataset to WIX
Add dataset to WIX

Step 2:

Configure your dataset by connecting it to the same database as your dynamic page dataset.


You will need two datasets for this, one dataset for your dynamic page items and the other dataset to display the related items

Configure WIX Dataset
Configure WIX Dataset

Step 3:

Use this dataset to connect to your related item's repeater in your dynamic page. You can choose any position to have this repeater saved.

Related Items in my Dynamic Page
Related Items in my Dynamic Page

Step 4:

Add filter to your dataset under the filter section as shown in the image below;

Add filter to WIX dataset🤩
Add filter to WIX dataset🤩

You can also add a sort to the dataset to sort according to Title, Date Created, Date Uploaded and many more; See the image below;

Sort WIX Dataset😎
Sort WIX Dataset😎

This is all it takes to land yourself an amazing WIX feature of adding a related category or items in your WIX Dynamic page.

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Filter Wix Repeater with Dataset

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